Our Brokers


Walter G. Breitinger

Four decades of experience, along with a perpetual love of commodities trading, has earned Walt Breitinger a role as your personal broker and coach.  

Walt began trading soybeans and silver in 1970 while completing his education at Valparaiso University.  He gained considerable insight and experience as a licensed broker for 40 years working directly under Harold Heinold in the 1970's, as a floor trader at the Chicago Board of Trade, and as Vice President of Commodity Investments at A.G. Edwards and Sons from 1982-2009.

For over 18 years, Walt taught his method of options on futures trading at Purdue University Calumet, Indiana University Northwest, and for multiple farm groups and conventions.  His comments on the markets have been featured on radio, T.V., and scores of newspapers including Barron's, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.  When Walt isn't watching the markets, he enjoys kayaking, soccer, and volunteering for conservation groups.

The original Breitinger & Sons was established in Philadelphia in 1877 by Walt Breitinger's great-great grandfather. Walt continues to carry on the family tradition, working with two of his sons, Alex & Ben.




Alex Breitinger

With a love for geopolitics, mathematics, and the natural sciences, Alex has been naturally intrigued by trading commodity futures.  He considers the interplay of these factors on a daily basis and uses his multifaceted background to provide this information to his clients.  

Alex graduated Summa Cum Laude from DePauw University with degrees in Chemistry and History. While at DePauw, Alex received two of the nation's most prestigious science scholarships, the Barry Goldwater Scholarship and the NOAA Hollings Scholarship.  Well-versed in German and Spanish, Alex brings an international dimension to our company as he has worked and studied across the globe from China to Germany.

Before joining Breitinger & Sons, Alex carried out analytical research for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the governmental organization that oversees the National Weather Service.


Chris Haverkamp

Native to Northeast Kansas Mr. Haverkamp contributes his initial interest in the financial market to his father. Chris and his father began hedging agriculture products, which were raised on their family farm, in the 1970's to help secure pricing structure for their operation. With a degree in Grain Science / Management from Kansas State University, Chris has worked directly with and for several corporations in research, logistics, and origination of commodity products.

Among these are Continental Grain, Kansas Wheat Commission, National Livestock Association, Kice Industries, and Land 'O Lakes. Chris is a regular guest analyst on both radio and television programs throughout the Midwest and also provides fundamental and technical research for Bloomberg, DTN, Dow Jones, The Wall St. Journal, CNN and CNBC as well as several other local and regional news syndicates. Chris sat on the board of directors for the NIBA (National Introducing Brokers Association) in Chicago for five years and on the National Futures Association's nominating committee for one year. Chris began trading in 1987 and founded Paragon in 1996 with the help of his wife, Tracey.

Chris continues to provide consulting services for individual producers, livestock operations, grain processors, and individual investors while holding the title of CEO for Paragon.


Jamey Kohake

For more than 15 years, Jamey Kohake has advised traders on price trends, cash market analysis and marketing strategies. His technical and fundamental analysis is highly regarded and can be heard on several national radio programs and seen in multiple print publications.


Kody Wintercheidt

Kody Winterscheidt was raised on a farm in Northeast Kansas, where he grew up surrounded by production agriculture. Kody was always intrigued by the ever changing world of agriculture and its many ups and downs. A desire in the commodity markets and risk management soon developed. His interests in agriculture found him at Kansas State University, where he attained a degree in Agriculture. His understanding of the agriculture industry and education help give him a personalized, progressive approach to the markets. He is currently working to expand Paragon's grain merchandising abilities as well as, advisory services to individual grain and livestock producers looking to hedge their production and manage risk.