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 Grains Livestock/Dairy Softs Energies

 Corn (P)

 Live Cattle (P) Cotton Crude Oil (E)
 Corn (E) Live Cattle (E) Cocoa  Heating Oil (E)
 Soybeans (P) Feeder Cattle (P) Coffee Natural Gas (E)
 Soybeans (E) Feeder Cattle (E) Sugar#11 RBOB Gas (E)
 Soybean Meal (P) Lean Hogs (P)  
 Soybean Meal (E) Lean Hogs (E)  
 Soybean Oil (P)   
 Soybean Oil (E) 
 Wheat (P)

 Wheat (E)
 KC Wheat (P)   
 Minn Wheat (P) 


Currencies Financials Indices Metals

 Australian Dollar (E)

 10-Year T-Note (E)

 E-mini NASDAQ 100

 Gold (E)

 British Pound (E)

 10-Year T-Note

 S&P 500 E-Mini

 Silver (E)

 Canadian Dollar (E)

 2-Year T-Note (E)  
 Swiss Franc (E) 2-Year T-Note  
 Japanese Yen (E) 30-day Fed Funds (E)  
 Euro FX (E) 30-day Fed Funds  
  30-Year T-Bond (E)  
  30-Year T-Bond  
  5-Year T-Note (E)  
  5-Year T-Note  
  Eurodollar 3-Month